Pandreitje 17
8000 Brugge, Belgiƫ
Route Description


An ideal daytrip is Knokke Heist, a beautiful 20 minutes drive from Bruges through the Polder landscape. There's also a train and bus connecting Knokke Heist with Bruges.

While Heist is more family orientated, Knokke is the most ‘sophisticated’ seaside town of the Flemish Coast. 

There are several residential areas, such as Het Zoute, with very pleasant walk and cycle paths.

The nature reserve Het Zwin is located on the boundary between Knokke and the Netherlands. The Zwin is the silted up sea arm that used to connect Bruges and Damme to the sea.

Nature guides can guide you around in this remarkable nature reserve known for its extraordinary migrating bird population. Knokke also has a 18 holes golf club, a casino and lots of art galleries.

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