Pandreitje 17
8000 Brugge, Belgiƫ
Route Description


Antwerp is situated at about 90 km from the Pand 17 and is easily accessible by car (1:30 hour) or by train (1:30 hour with a direct connection).

Antwerp, situated on the Scheldt estuary, has one of Europe's largest ports. The Market Square is only a few metres from the Scheldt river and is surrounded by beautiful 16th and 17th century town houses. The statue of Brabo, the legendary hero of the city, dominates the Market Square.

Antwerp is inextricably associated with the painter Paul Rubens, who had his painting studio in the city. Everywhere there are very impressive remainders of the baroque era which Antwerp knew. The city is dotted with impressive remnants from the baroque era.

Antwerp is home to many museums such as: The Royal Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUHKA) and the Royal Maritime Museum. Antwerp is known as the diamond world capital and has a famed fashion scene. The diamond museum is situated in the middle of the diamond district, right next to the central train station. Closeby is the fashion academy and museum, the perfect introduction to all the boutiques and shops. 

The Antwerp Zoo, one of Europe's oldest, adjacent to the Central Station, is right in the middle of the city and will delight both young and old.

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